david hykes

Lens by lens 2:28 David Hykes & The Harmonic Choir Hearing Solar Winds 2 80 1983


the world will eat you alive, kiddo
mister, does that mean you are older, old, or just think
like one. Youth eats steam, trains, becomes a
punk, holds a camera over the face rather than a smile,
trying not to get too tired to raise an army of erect birds,
ignoring stupid things like hypertension,
holding nothing back but the rise of oceanic temperatures,
keeping quiet about nothing because if you’re actually
dumb as a rock whether you are quiet or not
you’re still just a dumb rock (courage over prudence,
intelligence over cowardice,
sincerity over kindness),
the world will def’ eat you alive, kiddo
so become the world and play nice
or give it all your damnedest acid reflux.

Dog fight

To maul our brothers or to maul our brothers
That is not a question
Arm the battlements, spin all religious canons towards the west, the forward,
To the south the only contenders to a Han China were Nubian Egyptians
When there were many gods
Ancient tribes of Judea beset their camps against the mudbrick walls
At night one night old babes hear the grave dogs of Ishmael
And Isaac.