Look at all your once lofty friends
Cut down to their birthday timeline
by all the replicas running with scissors
look at all the avatars already
at thirty clairvoyance is cloudy as another Tuesday
on Monday it’s time to live out another’s validity.


In the eastern sierra,

There is nothing,

Nothing to complain about,
Nothing to win over,
No houses set on roads where once wilder growths roamed,
Where now wilderness roams in only men.

In the dolomites,

Thousands of words in pictures are made each hour,
and tourists are wont to rest on benches with cool drinks,
Where the quiet places are left to climbers.

In the eastern sierra,

There is still nothing.

(What else is unsettled space
other than a thing thoughtless
and without material
and without binomial references
what else is the lack of
these catalogs than
the absence of
Where wilderness
is its sole
Where universe is
limited to star systems
the greater solarism
of centerlessness
which equates to selflessness
and written logically makes
Preservation a movement
towards keeping those blind
blind though they
swim in mirror pools and
Conservation is the
thought of using
darkness as a
as it can only shrink and
is the wont of
man to walk
more upright than
supine hills and
walk along hw395
though it has shut
down because of
first hoarfrost and
Evidence is the sleeping bear
and the broken back
of hominin
where quiet places
are left to